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Why Sleep Matters
Fitness Tips For Beginners
Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight
Simple but Yummy
My Ultimate Reset Experience


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Why Sleep Matters

We all know that activity is a very important part of weight loss and overall health, however we often overlook the importance of the greatest period of inactivity in our lives – sleep.  Proper sleep is vital for good health, and studies have even found that healthy sleep habits alone are linked to lower body fat percentage.
Humans are creatures of habit, and our bodies both like and demand that.  Keeping a regular sleep schedule, 7 days a week, is very important – particularly the same wake up time.

Fitness Tips For Beginners

Weight loss is just one of the many benefits to exercise.  Other benefits include; better sleep patterns, more energy, stress reduction, strength and flexibility, and boost in immune system.  All it takes is just 30 minutes a day to start reaping the health benefits but the key to staying fit and young is to be consistent.  Making fitness a regular part of your lifestyle habits will pay off greatly in the future.  Here are a few tips for those getting started with exercise.

Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

Are you working out minimum 3-4 times a week and watching what you eat but still finding it hard to lose weight?  Unfortunately, sometimes we are unaware of how much we really are consuming or we may not be putting enough effort into our workouts.
You get out of a workout what you put into it.  You want to put full effort into a workout to get the results you want.  Don't just show up; make it worth your while.  A good measure to go by when working out is the "how do you feel from 1-10" scale.

Simple but Yummy

Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich

This is my absolute favorite sandwich, and it's so simple to make!

All you need is cucumber, tomato, whole grain bread, salt, and pepper.

Perfect healthy lunch. So simple and easy to make but super yummy. Simply add 10-15 almonds on the side for some protein.

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My Ultimate Reset Experience

I started a 21 day cleanse called Ultimate Reset yesterday and to keep myself accountable I am going to blog each day to keep everyone posted on my accomplishments and weaknesses throughout.  I'll keep it short :)

Day 1was fairly harmless but I'm anticipating that the next couple of days will be the hardest.  I was told the first 3-4 days are the most challenging so I decided to do the cleanse now because I have a couple of days off from school.  With this program you are eating every 2-3 hours so I didn't find I was starving myself, which is good.

My Half Marathon Goal, Purpose & Value

running a marathon as part of my fitness and health goalsI made apush goalfor myself this year to run ahalf marathonin less than 1:59:00.  I had run one a few years back but then went through some obstacles since then that have made me want to start fresh again.  
Unfortunately, I suffered from sciatic pain in my left leg caused by many years of factory work that made it very difficult to be physically active.  I do not wish this pain on anyone!  This had caused me to go into a slight depression and I gave up on my healthy eating habits, figuring it didn't matter.

Dietary Sources of Vitamins & Minerals

Here is a quick list of some dietary vitamin and mineral sources and examples of why they are needed in the body.  Keep in mind that some food may lack their vitamins and minerals by the time they reach our grocery stores.  They may also be contaminated from the many chemicals used on them to keep them fresh.  Also, some food will lose even more nutrients once it has been cooked.  Sometimes supplementing is necessary.

Calcium (bone health) - sesame seeds, soybeans, tofu, walnuts, green vegetables, dairy, almonds, sardines
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